Law Enforcement Seminars

We offer a price that is discounted from our civilian trainings for our Law Enforcement Seminars, and can custom tailor the lesson plans/length of instruction to meet the needs of each agency. Seminar scheduling is flexible around our existing class times.

Force Training For Law Enforcement

Krav Maga is the name for the unique system of hand to hand combat training developed by Imi Litchenfield, and employed by the Israeli Defense Forces, the Israeli National and Military Police, as well as Israeli Special Ops and Security units. Krav Maga Worldwide is the organization founded and led by Chief Instructor Darren Levine, who is one of only two people to be awarded a Founder’s Diploma by Imi Litchenfield. He is also a district attorney and 18 year veteran and former head of the CAPOS unit, whose job is to prosecute criminals who have committed violent crimes against police officers. The Force Training Division is dedicated to providing defensive tactics specifically for law enforcement, security, and military personnel. It is led by Director Jon Pascal, who began his study of Krav Maga at 11 years old, and is also an L.A. County Reserve Deputy. This division has been directly responsible for providing training to over 500 law enforcement agencies in the United States and multiple U.S. Military units stationed locally and around the world. Darren, Jon, and the rest of the Krav Maga Worldwide organization hold a deep respect for law enforcement personnel, and are dedicated to providing the absolute best instruction in defensive tactics. The system is constantly being updated and improved based on the data obtained from police officers and violent crime statistics. According to law enforcement instructors who have undergone Krav Maga training, the most striking characteristics of the system are its efficient training period, the retention of the training by officers, the practical techniques, and the training drills which allow these techniques to be effectively performed under stress. Krav Maga for Law Enforcement at the SSDC employs a curriculum that accounts for use of force issues while teaching personal weapons/self-defense, defenses against threats with a handgun, weapon retention, and defenses against threats and attacks with edged weapons.